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The trendy shades of the season, gold in all of its glory has been reinterpreted in a range of 18 wearable and blendable shades, divided into six harmonies (white gold, yellow gold, khaki gold, bronze, copper and rose gold) with three luxurious finishes: matte, metal and chrome. 

The eye palette also comes with educational cards that provide a simple three-step routine for creating trendy gold inspired looks. Simply place the card over your palette to discover the shades and techniques used to create the look and follow the easy steps. 

The selected shades will appear through the cut-out holes, telling you exactly which ones to use.

What it includes:

  • PURE: matte ivory-beige
  • HOTSHOT: iridescent golden champagne
  • PRECIOUS: eggshell, golden white, subtle glitter finish
  • MINE: matte warm dark chocolate brown
  • FAMED: saffron gold, iridescent button gold
  • FORTUNE: sparkling golden brown, glitter finish
  • DIGGER: matte khaki
  • BILLION: iridescent gold khaki, chrome and orange sheen
  • TREASURE: black khaki, golden shimmer
  • SOIL: matte caramel, warm orange tones
  • TROPHY: iridescent golden copper
  • GLORIOUS: caramel, chestnut, warm brown, glitter brown
  • WEALTHY: matte brick
  • SMELTED: iridescent reddish copper, chrome and gold pink sheen
  • IGNEOUS: shimmery orange gold
  • LAVISH: cool taupe, pinkish brown
  • JEWELRY: iridescent rose gold, chrome and gold sheen
  • MOLTEN: glittery pink copper


  • Follow the harmonies placed in a sideways “V” and apply the lightest colour all over the eyelid, blend the medium shade into the crease of the lid and add intensity with the darkest shade by applying it along the lash line.
  • Or follow the tips and application techniques in the three educational cards included in the palette for pro results.

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