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A tool with a flat, pointed silicone applicator that is used to apply challenging products.

Featuring new technology, this flat, pointed silicone applicator is designed to collect and precisely apply shimmery loose powders and glitter without the product scattering or falling beneath the eyes.  Its pointed tip allows for very accurate application.

Recommended textures: Iridescent and glittery loose powders, glitter. 


Its texture is used to collect and apply easily iridescent and glittery loose powders as well as glitters, without the products scattering or falling beneath the eyes. Its pointed tip allows for very accurate application on specific zones.

PRO TIP: Professional makeup artists use this applicator to create lines of glitter when doing elaborate artistic makeup. Silicone is also very easy to clean, even with alcohol, and is perfectly hygienic to use. With its soft silicone tip, this applicator can also be used to apply false eyelashes safely. 

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